Carolien Brusse Keramiek

Project with children's drawings

A few years ago I received a drawing of a vase, from my cousin Emma. In this drawing I saw a relationship with my work as a studio-potter.  I worked with children’s drawings before (in a stone tablet for a family-home) and I decided to make the real vase. The results (and the reactions) were very inspiring. So I asked several more children to make drawings for me. I asked the children: ”Would you like to draw a vase for me?” And I also said: “You can draw a real vase or an imaginary one.” I can say their art showed lots of color and fantasy and the result is this collection of 21 very different children’s drawings and my translation of their drawings in clay.  


The vases are painted with Terra Sigillata and fired several times at temperatures between 1200º and 1260º Celsius.


Click here for pictures of the vases 


I also work on assignment. If you have a child’s drawing you would like to perpetuate in this way, I would gladly do this for you. The price varies between 300 and 400 Euros per vase.


If you have questions, mail to :